Sheltering in Place – Day 7

Which reminds me of a movie, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, a 1953 musical comedy, with one of the stars being a distant relative of mine, Gloria De Haven.

That also reminds me of a song, “Down Among the Sheltering Palms.” If you’re in the mood for even more nostalgia, try the Boswell Sisters singing this tune back in 1932. Note that while the movie and song have the same title, the movie is considered a bigger work, so it’s italicized. The song itself, being considered a smaller work, has quote marks (but try telling any songwriter that sort of logic).  In any event, I have to look up the correct one to use, italics or quotes, all the time. I simply cannot retain it. It’s all part of being a writer. Or an old bag. But I digress. Enjoy this song which is almost 90 years old in its production.

So basically, it’s Sunday.  Take it easy, try to relax, be good to yourself. We went for a short walk earlier this morning. Just around the neighborhood. No problem with social distancing. We didn’t come across a soul. Actually, we did see Squiggy the Squirrel, who kept his own social distance from us.

Been watching a movie on and off today. It’s one of those films often referred to as a ‘small movie’. It’s for sure a dark comedy because I found myself laughing at the oddest times. Anyway, it’s called Blow the Man Down (and note the use of quotes). I try to be consistent in things even if I am wrong.

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  1. Love reading your blog but OMG, it’s only day 7!

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