Sheltering in Place – Day 10

Having been sent to my room by the world’s goings-on, I find myself trying to control more and more of my little, teeny-weeny life and everything in it. I make sure Norman is wearing his mask and gloves before he goes out. And that he carries his hand sanitizer. And that he peels his gloves off when he returns home and washes his hands. And then I disinfect the doorknobs and anything else he touches on his way to the sink.

Yesterday I made the pronouncement that I would take his car to the gas station and I would put gas in it because I had just done it for my car. It was such a nerve-wracking experience, such an exacting big deal i.e., sanitizing the gas pump, hose, car door, steering wheel, and so forth, and in such a precise order, I don’t think he could do it. Really? And when did he become such an idiot? Maybe he didn’t. Whoops! Maybe I am the idiot.

And I have also become obnoxious. Even though Norman would never say so because he likes living. But just ask Ellie, my cat. She is so tired of me hanging around, grabbing her, smooching on her when she’s half-asleep, and following her every move. I am doing this because I am anxious and bored. This is a dangerous combination. It leads to obnoxiousness. See above.

And I would also like to add that I cannot watch The World News with David Muir without a martini in my hand. So  I am also becoming a lush. Can one drink a martini in a hazmat suit? Stay tuned.

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  1. I am SO in tune with you Heather. Add to that: I’ve never felt so stupid. I’m having a ridiculously hard time figuring out how to meet virtually. Skype, Meet, Zoom — you’d think I’d be able to learn these but I can’t. I get on, see people and talk but it’s by luck and I can’t do it the next day!

    Why am I telling you this? Because Dick is tired of hearing it. Just look at the tutorial, he says. HA.

    ?, Heather and looking forward to seeing you and your amazing wardrobe again! ?

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