Sheltering in Place – Day 11

I don’t mean to sound ditsy, but is this Thursday or Friday? And we’re still in March, right? I’m a little lost on things. It seems almost like nothing’s moving or working. Sort of like The Day The Earth Stood Still. Remember that movie?  The 1951 scifi classic starring two very classy actors, Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. Lock Martin, one of the tallest actors ever (7’4″), played Gort, the robot who could destroy the world. But didn’t. He stands in all his metal glory behind Michael Rennie below.

If you haven’t seen this movie, now’s the time to view it. I mean, what the hey? You’re trapped indoors anyway. It will take your mind off everything, even we-know-what.

Below is the trailer, but the movie is a lot more fun. And longer. As sort of a disclaimer, there was a remake in 2008 I never saw but I think it disappeared from sight. However, I’m off to Youtube to watch this movie for the umpteenth time. It’s so worth it.


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