Cruising as a Writer’s Retreat

My husband and I do a lot of cruises. In fact, we recently got back from a cruise to Alaska which showed that state to be wondrous in many ways. Just look at Mendenhall glacier. Oh yes, and Victoria BC’s Butchart Gardens, built in an abandoned quarry. It’s incredible! Flowers, plants, trees, and waterfalls that inspire more wonderment.

But first, to write! As we sailed from San Francisco, I knew I had 2 and 1/2 days of watery nothingness ahead of me before we got to the … Read more

How Real Are Your Characters to You?

Are you ever emotionally drained by writing certain scenes, and how real are your characters to you?

This is the latest subject of Robin Round Blog. And it’s a doozy. Because when I write, I not only become the characters, I become every living thing. And not so living. Like a car. I don’t know how much I actually relate to the 1957 Chevy convertible owned by protagonist, Lee Alvarez (see left). But I do know if I hurt its fender, I will feel its pain.

I pound on the keyboard… Read more

Ellie’s Spa Days

Ellie (Elphaba Queen of da Nile) is my cat, one of two. I love her to pieces. She is a high maintenance cat, but it’s not her fault. When she was a kitten she got the standard upper respiratory infection kittens seem to get and get over. I know my other cat, Yulie (Yul Brenner, King of Siam),  got it first, gave it to Ellie, but he got well. She got worse, pneumonia. I worked like the devil around the clock to save her and I did. But she has scar tissue on her lungs which led to asthma.… Read more