My Take on Blogging Into 2012, an “Introspective”

Yesterday my final guest ‘broke bread’ with me on Blogging into 2012 aka This and That. This month long journey has seen a variety of men and women writers presented, one highlighted each day. They cover every genre in writing imaginable, whether it be fantasy, romance, scifi, paranormal, YA, mystery, memoir, or fill in the blank. These 31 authors come from different walks of life and different parts of the world. Some are young, some are old, some aren’t talking. Many have never met in the flesh, all of us being pretty much cyber buddies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t genuine, shared devotion.
What each one has in common with the other is talent, dedication, sincerity, and good will. Most importantly, whatever life has dealt them, each one has chosen to write. Possibly, like me, they are driven to write.
In rereading the interviews, I am moved by how many consider their children to be their greatest accomplishment, how they appreciate their loved ones, how blessed most of them feel. I am touched by how the very act of writing and joy of being published spurs them on. I should say, spurs us on. For I strive to be one of these people, most certainly. It is devoutly to be wished.
I want to thank each author for taking the time to visit This and That, and for sometimes sharing personal or little known facts. Thank you for your generosity, your kindness, and your openness of spirit.

I treasure each of you.


Below is the list of guests for Blogging into 2012:
January 1 – Roseanne Dowell
January 2 – Terri Mann
January 3 – Grace DeLuca
January 4– Laura Novak
January 5 – Dale Thompson
January 6 – Gail Roughton Branan
January 7 – Ginger Simpson
January 8 – Karen Cote
January 9 – Larriane AKA Larion Wills
January 10 – Margay
January 11– S.J. Clark (Sandra)
January 12– Diane Barr
January 13 – Kristen Battestella
January 14– Rosemary Morris
January 15– BarbaraE
January 16 – Brian Knight
January 17 – Marva Dasef
January 18 – Wendy L
January 19 – Dale Thompson
January 20 – Maggie Lyons
January 21 – Penny Ehrenkranz
January 22 – Cyrus Keith
January 23 – Killarney Sheffield
January 24 – Scarlett Valentine
January 25 – Dianne Hartsock
January 26 – J.Q. Rose
January 27 – Ingrid Ricks
January 28 – Lin Holmes
January 29 – Susan A. Royal
January 30– Jim Hartley
January 31– Kat Holmes

4 responses to “My Take on Blogging Into 2012, an “Introspective””

  1. Thanks again, Heather, for being such a great host. You're right; this is a fantastic group of writers gathered together. It was fun being part of it.

  2. Love you Ms. Haven. You are a gracious hostess and incredible friend. This was simply fabulous and generous of you to host so many people. You are precious Dahling.

    Now where's the cookies?