Emma Larkin is running for her life –
nowhere is safe.

Stalked by her husband’s killers, and
desperate to protect her young daughter, Emma must find what the killers are
looking for before she becomes their next victim.

When undercover cop, Gary Bedford, planned
a relaxing break, he hadn’t counted on bumping into Emma. Now he can’t resist
the temptation to discover all her secrets.

But should Emma trust her life and heart
to Gary Bedford?

Can they solve the mystery surrounding her
husband’s death – and uncover his deadly secret?


Oh wow. Could not stop reading this. Was on pins and
needles through the entire book . Wonderful story and very well written. Looking
forward to more books by this fantastic writer!
” ~ D. Gilman

“A great fast paced light suspense romance captivating
the reader in a plot of many twists and turns. You will not want to put this
book down until the end when all is revealed.”
~ Claudia R.


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