Here’s Sheila Claydon’s latest:
In a rut, and with her love life
at an all time low, Claire Harris makes a New Year’s resolution to join an
Internet dating agency. Her challenge is twelve dates or twelve months,
whichever comes first, unless she is lucky enough to meet Mister Right along the
way. On her final date, and convinced that only frogs are left in the dating
pool, she is relieved that it’s nearly over…until she meets enigmatic American,
Daniel Marchant. The only problem is, his brother has set him up, and Daniel
makes it very clear that he’s not interested in dating anyone at all. He is
looking for someone to work in his developing conservation research company
though, and when he discovers that Claire has the photographic and cataloguing
skills he needs, he offers her a dream job in Florida.

But Dolphin Key is not as idyllic
as it seems. There are too many secrets and too much heartache. And Claire has
her own secrets as well. Not that she is going to share them with anyone, least
of all with Daniel, because he must never know he has stolen her

The story had me
from the start to finish, this book was an emotionally good story that had a
great romance with humor entwined. I believe anyone who reads this book will
enjoy it (LadyAtlantis)

warming read for a grey,cold winter day
heart warming romance from Sheila Claydon. (Liz)

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