Sheltering in Place – Day I Have No Idea

They say A Day Without Writing is Like a Day Without Sunshine. Actually, maybe ‘they’ don’t. Maybe nobody else says that but me. I know I’ve been paraphrasing something or other for so long, I can’t even remember what the original phrase is. A Day Without Wine is a Day Too Sober?

Hmmmm. Maybe not. In any event, today I did no writing. That’s because yesterday I finished the rewrites given me by the content editor, Baird Nuckolls, for Casting Call for a Corpse. The wonderful image at right is not going to be the book cover. But it was done by friend and artist, Tricia Greenwood, and as the book cover for Casting Call… et al isn’t finished yet, I wanted to include this one in the meantime.


But back to the rewrites. There weren’t that many to do, hallelujah, and I was able to finish them off in two days. I sent the now more polished work off to my line editor, Paula Grundy, who has her work to do. So basically, I wait until the manuscript of Casting Call Blah Blah is returned to me. Maybe two weeks. Maybe even three!!

Meanwhile, I could/want to start my new book, but I am at a loss as to what that book should be. I was thinking to start Spring Thaw, Book 2 of the Snow Lake Romantic Suspense Novels. But then, Percy Cole is calling me to write The Mother’s Day Murders, Book 4 of the Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries.  Then, of course, I could write Book 3, Divorce Can Be Murder of the Love Can Be Murder Mystery Novellas. And let’s not forget….wait. I just forgot. Oh, yes! I could start Book 8 of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, titleless at the moment. But let’s face it, Book 7, CCFAC, hasn’t even gotten off the assembly line yet.

This is the most useless time to be a writer that I know. That’s because, as I’ve stated, A Day Without Writing is Like a Day Without Sunshine.

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  1. Heather, You are prolific! Are all of these self-published? I know you are now self-publishing the Alvarez series. If you’re finding satisfaction with the results, I’d love to talk with you. And – good post! I read these and always get a chuckle and hear your voice in them.

    • Hi Susan! Yes, they are all self-pub now. I started off with a pub house, but have been self-pub now for almost 10 years. Like everything else, it has its good and bad points. Of course, we can chat! I would love that. We can do: Zoom, email, phone, FB posts, or anything else you like. Will send you a message via FB Messenger, too!

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