Sheltering in Place – Day 19

Remember those extra rolls of TP I accidentally ordered a few weeks back? Not only did we supply neighbors with some, but today we drove the 55 miles up to San Francisco to bring hubby’s 95-year-old mother and her caregiver/granddaughter (our niece) 10 rolls. Right now in SF you cannot get TP for love nor money. We added a small vase of fresh flowers and a homemade card, so grandmama would feel lifted.

Our beautiful niece, in turn, gave us a can of worth-its-weight-in-gold Lysol Spray, plus some non-perishable snacks, seltzer water, and fruit. Yes, we have no bananas. Oh, wait, we do have bananas. Five of them. And an apple. And two oranges.


After exchanging boxes and chatting for about five minutes, they sitting on the stoop and us standing on the sidewalk, we drove the 55 miles back home. Even though we did our social distancing routine and it was a long time traveling for such a short visit, it was lovely, simply lovely. And absolutely worth it.

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