Sheltering in Place – Day 38

I don’t know how to order online. I have to admit it. I thought it would be simple, but it isn’t. And I’ve made a few faux pas, which is French for you blew it. Fortunately, I have a very understanding husband. He gets that while I have many virtues, ordering online is not one of them.

I may have mentioned that several weeks ago I ordered wine from BevMo. It did not go well. The results of this order showed up today. They said it would come in 10 to14 days. It took 17. And then I somehow managed to duplicate the order, which was bad enough. But when I went into the website to straighten it out, I managed to double the duplicate order. That’s 4 times the amount of booze I meant to order. Bummer. But this was not my fault. Seriously. Well, not completely. Well, maybe a little bit. Okay, entirely. Rats.

In complete sincerity, I’m not sure what happened. I went to BevMo’s order 6 bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka.  In my defense, the website was not exactly user-friendly. Maybe a little too much Cinco de Maya and not enough what’s going on. But the end result was I wound up with 4 times the amount of wine and spirits than I intended to order. This can happen to anybody. Right?

But hubby is a good egg. He became philosophical. He said we can save all these bottles for the future, should we live to be a hundred and thirty. Or maybe, he proffered, we could open up a bar. Enthusiasm enveloped him. We’ve got the name, he said. The 6-Feet Apart Tavern.

And a bonus: If you buy two drinks, you get to pet a tubby black cat named Ellie. I should add that Ellie is not thrilled about this idea. But as part of the family, she knows which side her kibble is buttered on. She’s in. I’m in. Hubby’s in.

True, we have no liquor license, we’re still in the shelter-in-place mode, and our home is a mess, but still. We’ve got to unload all this booze!

Putting aside the cat, who has blackmailed me into giving her several more rounds of treats than I think appropriate, I realize I am married to a really, really nice guy. And he can sing!

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