Sheltering in Place – Day 30


I’m turning into Howard Hughes. He was isolated. He never left his home. He wore his jammies 24/7. Oh, gawd! No, no, I’m a little different. I’m wearing scuffies on my feet, not Kleenex boxes. Besides, Howie didn’t have any friends, did he? I now have three new BFFs. That would be Instacart, Amazon, and BevMo. I add BevMo to this list even though I have no idea when or if anyone will show up with a delivery of wine. I put in an order on April 5th and so far, nothing. I pine for this new friendship. Watching World News without my wine is not going to happen.

Regarding Instacart, I had to get up at 6 am to get a delivery time for nearly a week later. The groceries are supposed to arrive on Friday between 11 am and 1 pm. The last time I ordered, they were out of over half the things I wanted. But I was lucky to get what I got. Fortunately, I had a very tenacious shopper. She said she got the last loaf of bread in the store. I don’t know who she tackled to the ground to get it, but I gave her a good tip, anyway.

Amazon is still the easiest to order from, although deliveries are backed up far longer than usual. The turnaround used to be one to two days. No more. You’re lucky if you see something within a week. Although up instantly. At last count, I had over 300 books on my Kindle. It will be a sad state of the world if I actually get around to reading all of them.

I can’t complain though. At least I have the money to pay for things and a place to which they should be delivered. My next order of business is to find a drugstore that will deliver. Then I never have to step foot outside my door again. I know what’s been driving me to be this way. But what drove Howard Hughes?

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