Sheltering in Place – Day 31

Hubby is a musician. His first instrument is his voice. He really has a gorgeous singing voice. This is not bragging. He does. We’ve been married since 1982. I don’t have to brag anymore. He sings all types of songs, from rock and roll, to soul, to crooning standards.

And there are his other, secondary instruments, such as guitars, drums, and piano. Add to that lot his paraphernalia, which includes music stands, microphones, amplifiers, miles and miles of wires, and I don’t know what-all a professional musician seems to need. It is neverending. I have often said to him, “So listen, darling, you can’t just play the triangle?”





But the answer is no and what he uses in his musical career takes up space. We live in a 2-bedroom condo with a carport, not a garage. Which is why our king bed is on 6-inch risers.  Storage. One of the bedrooms already functions as his music room slash office and it is at full capacity. The drums alone fill a closet. So under our bed everything that can fit goes, much to the cat’s delight. Cats love his stuff. Many’s the time we have found a cat nestled inside one of his guitar cases snoozing away. Hubby’s not thrilled about it, but he’s used to sharing all aspects of his life with a cat. Goes with the territory.

Back to the 6-inch risers on which our bed rests. These risers don’t last forever. No matter what you pay for them eventually, they break. And when they do it’s a big job replacing them. So today we had to remove the bed covers, mattress cover, foam padding, mattress, and box springs to replace two. These things ain’t easy to move around. They are awkward and heavy. And no matter how big the bedroom, spreading all the parts of a bed around in it doesn’t leave much room in which to maneuver. And it really does take two people to handle a king-size mattress, no matter how much the wife whines. And whine I did. However, in less than two hours the job was done, although, by the end of it we were both out of breath and sweating.

Whoops! Well, not me, I don’t sweat. Ha ha. Because as my Mom would say, “horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow.” And I was glowing like crazy. But guitars, music, music stands, and some kind of collapsable chair hubby uses to sit on when he drums went back underneath. So did the cat. And her toys. It’s a whole world under there.

And THAT was my exciting day.

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