Sisters in Crime, My Kinda Gals

Yesterday I attended the Sisters in Crime Northern California Chapter’s Annual Showcase. Authors of newly published books – one of which was me – were offered the opportunity of either reading an excerpt from sinclogo-copythe book, or in Camille Minichino‘s case, reading an essay one of her character’s had ‘written’ for the occasion. It was all upbeat, supportive, and charming. I think charm and talent pretty much describes this group. Walk a mile in our writing shoes we could say, and you’d know success in this field doesn’t come easily. But it has come to many within the group. Collectively and individually, we are all proud of any and all achievements.

I tend to be nervous when I have to read my work. Furthermore, I never know what I’m going to ad-lib during the occasion. I often have babble-breath, whatever’s going on inside comes burbling up. And unedited. It is the stuff nightmares are made of. However, most of the women who read yesterday did their work credit. Calm and rational were they. And unbelievably charming. For the ones whose work I’ve already read, I said ‘Yup, they do it credit. It’s that good’. For the ones whose work I have yet to read, I said, “Gotta get that book’. And I did.

Here’s a list of the other participating authors, whose new work was featured. Just click on each name for more info and to buy their novels via Amazon:

Elin Barnes – A sweetheart, one of the heartbeats of SinC, and a mighty fine writer. I’ve read the first two books of the Darcy Lynch Series, and have pre-ordered the 3rd. I only have to wait until Nov 10th for it to arrive. Warning: Her series is addictive!

Janet Dawson – This prolific writer was unable to come, but some lucky duck won her latest book, Death Deals a Hand: A California Zephyr Mystery. However, as I have yet to read her work (where have I been?), I’m starting with one of her first books, Kindred Crimes (The Jeri Howard Series Book 1). Just downloaded it. 

Mary Feliz – Address to Die For. Loved the book, gave it a five star review. She’s got a new one of the series coming out in January. You go, Girl!

Sabrina Flynn – Author of two series: Ravenwood Detective Agency Mysteries and Legends of Fyrsta. Have yet to read her work, but it sounds marvelous. I mean, San Francisco, turn of the century, mystery. Does it get any better? No. Just got the ebook, From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysteries Book 1) downloaded to my Kindle.

Bette Golden Lamb – This heart-thumping thriller writer often co-authors with husband, J.J. Lamb. Together they’ve turned out dynamite novels, mostly medical thrillers. Have read three of their books and am moving on down the line of these first-class thrillers. Won The Organ Harvesters, written solo by Bette, in the SinC raffle yesterday. Lucky me. Starting it today. These two writers give the words charm and talent new meaning. Love Bette, love J.J. Just love these guys.

Camille Minichino – The queen and godmother of Sisters in Crime, as far as I’m concerned. Been reading her work long before I had the good fortune to meet her. The author of many books and at least four series. MAJESTY IN MINIATURE is the latest and can’t wait to get it. Camille is as kind as she is talented. Long may she reign.

Gigi Pandian – So talented, so sweet, but unfortunately, unable to attend due to illness. However, if you haven’t read one of her books yet, do so; she’s an exceptional writer. I started with The Accidental Alchemist (An Accidental Alchemist Mystery) and lost my heart to the series. But there is her other series, as well, the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries.

Ann Parker – A first-class lady, a first-class writer. Ann read from What Gold Buys: A Silver Rush Mystery (Silver Rush Mysteries Book 5). I’m starting with Book 1, Silver Lies: A Silver Rush Mystery #1 (Silver Rush Mysteries). and it’s only 99¢!

CJ Verburg – What a past history! Long time friends with Edward Gorey, she used his persona as a muse to write Croaked (An Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery Book 1). Another can’t wait to read the book.

 Kirsten Weiss. Wow! Here’s a woman who knows of what she writes. Kirsten Weiss worked overseas for nearly fourteen years, in the fringes of the former USSR and in South-east Asia. Her reading made me want to go right out and buy one of her books. So I did. Starting with The Metaphysical Detective (A Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery Book 1) Reading it ASAP.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of our talented SinC leaders, who didn’t read yesterday but can anytime:

Terry Shames, President of SinC NoCal and author of the the multi-award-winning best-selling Samuel Craddock series, set in the fictitious town of Jarrett Creek, Texas. Here’s her website, as well. 

Diana R. Chambers, Vice President of SinC NoCal and author of the Nick Daley Series, Books 1 and 2.   Check out her website, too. It’s terrific.

And past president, Susan Shea, is no slouch either.  Read her book, The King’s Jar, and it was mesmerizing. Museums, artifacts, and mysteries!

Malena Eljumaily is just the best. You can get Special Delivery: A One Act Play, by clicking here.

.Well, I’m sure I’ve left some fab person out. If so, let me know. This has wound up to be a Who’s Who of Sisters In Crime NoCal. Or maybe just the tip of the iceberg?

Happy Reading to one and all. I know I’ve got my work cut out for me!


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  1. Dear Heather,
    Your reading was great yesterday. Had to buy your book and am so looking forward to reading it.
    Thank you for the kind words about J. J. and myself and all the great descriptions of everyone’s work. You’re not only a good writer, but one of the most charming people I know.
    Love you,

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