I followed Walter Mosley!

No, not as a stalker but as a fellow author, and I am still jazzed about it. As part of Mystery Writers of America, I was one of eight authors doing a reading for Noir at the Bar for the Bay Area Book Festival on June 3rd. The other authors were (reading from right to left): moderator Tony Broadbent (standing), Bill Moody, Mysti Berry, Nick Mamatas, Walter Mosley, yours truly, Hans Olav Lahlum, Randall S. Brandt and Laurie R. King. Hope some of the surrounding talent rubbed … Read more

I Hold Charles Dickens Responsible

Decided to share this again.

Since I was a child, I would watch countless adaptations of A Christmas Carol on TV and

in the movies. I’ve seen variations of the character of Scrooge played by the likes of Alec Guinness, Susan Lucci, Jim Carrey, Vanessa Williams, and Scrooge McDuck. I even read the novel way back, when I was into a Reading the Classics Phase, which is a great phase to be in, frankly. We learn from the masters.

In 25-words or less, A Christmas Carol is a story… Read more

Sisters in Crime, My Kinda Gals

Yesterday I attended the Sisters in Crime Northern California Chapter’s Annual Showcase. Authors of newly published books – one of which was me – were offered the opportunity of either reading an excerpt from sinclogo-copythe book, or in Camille Minichino‘s case, reading an essay one of her character’s had ‘written’ for the occasion. It was all upbeat, supportive, and charming. I think charm and talent pretty much describes this group.… Read more

Naming A Book Is Almost As Important As Naming A Child

naming a book is always a challengeIf you are less well known than Stephen King, your book titles (and covers) are of paramount importance in attracting new readers. Allowing for a slight exaggeration, each week about a million new books are published, glutting the market. Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and so forth make it easy to publish a book. It’s pretty cheap, too.  Expect your dry cleaner or local dog walker to be putting one out any minute. Vanity Publishing. It’s all the rage.

In fact, there are even programs… Read more

Halloween is Coming! And It’s Double Double Toil and Trouble!


It’s odd what can give birth to a series.

The Persephone Cole Vintage Mysteries happened after years of research for my stand-alone circus noir mystery, Death of a Clown. I didn’t want all of the knowledge I’d gleaned of the nineteen-forties to go to waste! In addition, I had been challenged to write a mystery with a protagonist who wasn’t an ideal beauty, i.e. young, svelte, and beautiful. So I came up with Persephone (Percy) Cole,… Read more

Am I Emotionally Involved In Some Scenes I Write? Nooooo, Never!

Pretty much everyone knows the phrase ‘4th wall’

rndrbnlogorefers to that make-believe wall which separates those onstage from the audience in a theater. Theoretical, the ‘4th wall’ has been removed so the audience can vicariously experience whatever is happening onstage from a safe and neutral distance.

But pish-tosh. Vicarious is not a part of my working vocabulary. Neutral is merely a gear on my car. When a character suffers, I suffer. If everyone … Read more

Sleuthing Women: 10 First-in-Series Mysteries

Sleuthing WomenFor the past two weeks, nine authors and I have been either posting or commenting on posts regarding our newly released set of 10 books, Sleuthing Women: 10 First-in-Series Mysteries.  Boosting over 3,000 pages of fine reading at $2.99, I had to buy a copy for myself. I just couldn’t pass it up. During the past 14-days, I’ve had the opportunity to got to know authors I hadn’t met before and become reacquainted with the ones I do. I’m pretty proud of being… Read more

American Association of University Women

The AAUW has been empowering women since 1881. Women who have accomplished something, anything, reach out to help other women, especially the younger ones. It’s a tradition among these fine, learned women and a noble one, at that.

As a writer, I am proud to say that I have been moderating some author events, mainly the ones chaired by Barbara Evans for the past four years taking place at Michaels At Shoreline Restaurant. On behalf of the the Palo Alto AAUW Luncheon,… Read more

Killarney Sheffield, The Author, And Barbie, The Horse

This is the third installment of the story of a woman, Killarney Sheffield, who gives her all to her writing such as her latest book, The Emperor’s Concubine. KillarneyandhorseShe also gives her all to her family and her horses. One horse in particular, Barbie, learned that gentleness does exist through the care and guidance of Killarney’s love. The author shows there’s often much more to a writer than words.

Rescuing Barbie

The Barbie in my story is not a doll, but a palomino… Read more

Killarney Sheffield, In Her Own Words

Today I’m continuing with the talented and fascinating Killarney Sheffield. Killarney's horseThe picture to the right is one of her happy and healthy horses. To the left, her latest novel, The Emperor’s Concubine, a post-apocalyptic romance.  Below is her life story, told in her own words.

The Emperor's ConcubineJust Who Is Killarney Sheffield Anyway?

This month my publisher has asked us authors to introduce ourselves. So the question being asked and answered here is, just who is Killarney Sheffield… Read more