Sheltering in Place – Day 41

Today Hubby and I went to Lucky’s at midday on a Sunday. Nutso, right? We were driving up to San Francisco to have a sidewalk visit with hubby’s 95-year-old mother and her granddaughter, our niece. How did we wind up at Lucky’s? Niece asked up to bring up some milk. That’s what it started with. We were going to get the milk at the nearby mom and pop store. Then we got a call back from niece asking if we could pick up a “few other things.” Unfortunately, we said yes. No good deed goes unpunished.

I wanted to go to our local organic grocery store, but occasionally I listen to hubby. Big mistake. He thought Lucky’s would have everything niece wanted.  Lucky’s was packed. Social distancing at its worst. And even though there was a small sign saying no one could come into the store without wearing a mask, such was not the case. And it certainly wasn’t enforced. Unlike us, a lot of people were in the store, no masks, no gloves, and acting as if nothing was going on in the world. Whatsoever. Recent visitors from Mars, perhaps?

Then I had a banana incident, but possibly I was the banana. I was standing my safe 6-foot distance from a man who was examining bunches of bananas as if his life depended on it. Or maybe his salary. I suspected right away he was a shopper. I’ve never seen any man who cared that much about what a banana looked like on the outside. Anyway, while keeping a patient, safe distance from him,  a woman dashed by, clipped me on the shoulder, and headed straight for the bananas. My reaction to what she did surprised even me.

“Hey! Lady!” I yelled. “I’m doing my 6-foot distancing here, waiting for my turn at the bananas!! Aside from the fact you cut in front of me, you’re not practicing safe-distancing.” I didn’t hear her reply, because there was too much steam coming out of my ears. But she did scuttle away, murmuring something about not knowing I was waiting in line. What was I doing? Waiting for a bus? And apparently, I wasn’t done. I told the teenage girl who was bagging up the groceries to cover her nose with her mask, as well as her mouth. It wasn’t going to do any good if both weren’t covered.

Well, obviously I take it bad when I see people acting as if WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE, CAN’T HURT YOU. But I see that mentality is alive and well at Lucky’s. And it’s really wiser if I don’t go there again, especially on a Sunday afternoon, because I seem to have no problem in causing a scene about it.

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