Guardian Angels et al

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet Act 1, scene 5


When I was twenty, I had life all figured out. When I hit forty, not so much. Now at this number of spent decades I realize I don’t know squat.

I used to be a doubting Thomas about anything I couldn’t see up close and personal. But let’s face it. I can’t see bacteria, not without a microscope, and there are one or two of those suckers which just might take humanity out one of these days. Ebola. A game changer.

And Pluto. First it didn’t exist. Then it did. Then it was a planet. Then it wasn’t. Now it’s a dwarf planet. Whatever. All because we found it with a mammoth telescope. But it’s been doing its thing all this time, regardless of what we call it or when we saw it.

But back to me and what I can’t see, like my guardian angel

I didn’t know I had one until after my mother passed about a year and a half ago. Mom and I were close. Her death, even though expected, took a lot from me. We were more than mother and daughter. We were good friends.

Recently, I was speaking to her as I am wont to do upon occasion. It had been an odd, down day for me, so I asked my mother out loud if I had guardian angel. I knew Mom was a believer. She wore one of several small pins depicting guardian angels on her lapel or collar every day. I heard my mother’s voice as sure as if she was in the next room. “Of course, you do. It’s your Aunt Ann.”

I was shocked for a lot of reasons (let’s put aside hearing your dead mother’s voice loud and clear). Aunt Ann had died young, the first of seven siblings to pass, and I wasn’t especially close to her. In fact, out of my mother’s three sisters, she was my least favorite. Not that she was a bad person, just a distant and troubled one. Consequently, I hardly thought of her since her untimely death. And here she is, my G.A.

While this revelation brings with it a certain irony, since that day I feel more protected. I’ve come to see my other worldly aunt with warmth and compassion, much more than I did when she walked among us. And loving someone whether you can see them or not, is a very positive thing.

So when I read novels, stories or articles about guardian angels or unseen forces that help us poor mortals every now and then, I am with them 100%. Because there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in anybody’s philosophy.


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