The Culinary Art of Murder: The Alvarez Murder Mysteries Book VI

The Culinary Art of Murder

Writing this book was an opportunity for me to share more about Tío’s life. Since he’s a chef, it made sense to highlight his skills, so off we went to a culinary school. Then I decided I wanted to give him a love interest. Unfortunately, the lady wound up being a little bit more of a handful than either Tío or I imagined she’d be. Life can be like that. But it was fun making his character drive much of the story.

An author note about the book

Book Six in the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries

The Culinary Art of Murder Cooks Up New Trouble for Detective Alvarez

A solidly entertaining mystery” 

Kirkus Reviews
Culinary Art of Murder, a San Francisco mystery
Book VI

Lee Alvarez’s Uncle “Tío” is smitten with a visiting chef at a Silicon Valley culinary arts institute. When the lady is arrested for the murder of a fellow chef and the dishwasher, Discretionary Inquiries, Inc.—the Alvarez family-owned detective agency—agrees to help find the real killer. But undercover work at the institute proves to be more difficult than whipping up a chocolate soufflé. The killer tries to get Lee out of the way and permanently. But just who is it? The lady chef? One of her two sons? Or one of the other inmates from a cooking school with secrets as plentiful as sauces? Can Lee find the real killer before her own goose is cooked? And if it turns out to be the ambitious southern belle chef, will Tío ever forgive Lee for sending his new lady love to jail?

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Praise for The Culinary Art of Murder

Kirkus Review – “This latest installment of Haven’s murder mystery series offers a twisty whodunit laced with a healthy dose of suspense. A solidly entertaining mystery.”

Bestthrillers Review – “This cozy mystery has it all—romance, suspense, comedy and a detective you’ll fall hard for.”

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