Never did I think I would see the day when I would shamelessly push, promote,
advertise, and in general, throw myself on the mercy of the eWinds out there.
Between the Alvarez Family and the Persephone Cole Mystery Series, I hawk like a
barker for a 3rd-rate carnival.
Facebook and I are close pals. I’m even learning how it works. I tweet like nobody’s business. If I could afford to hire a plane whose duff dragged a long sign overhead promoting my books, I would. … Read more

Jingle All The Way!

love Christmas. Always have. Ever since I found out the tubby guy in the red
suit did NOT give me those presents once a year, I’ve been on a high. Let’s
face it, Santa’s a little weird. Definitely someone my doctor would want to
talk to about his weight. Further, what’s with the white trim, fella? Everybody
knows when you’re a short zaftig person, the last thing you need is white fur running
horizontally around your belly. I mean, come on. Talk about no clue.

it’s … Read more