EPICON Mystery At The Menger Is Nearly Upon Us

Wish I could be in San Antonio at this fun and informative conference over the weekend. Especially as one of my books, A Wedding to Die For, is a finalist as best eBook mystery for 2012. And it is an honor just to be nominated. The chosen three in each category have been selected out of dozens, if not hundreds, of other books. I am nervous, I am scared, but mostly I am thrilled. The presentation will begin on Sunday and I wish there was a way I could see the event. Actually, it would be great to be there in person, but you know how that goes. In any event, I am there in spirit and wish everyone a special, wonderful time. To all the nominees in every category, the best of luck. It is truly an honor to have gotten as far as we have! For those of you curious or interested in EPICON, here is the website: http://www.epicorg.com/epicon-2012.htmlHave a fabulous time, everyone!

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