Why I Love Going to Writers Conferences…

…even though they are expensive and exhausting.

It isn’t just what I learn attending panels on a variety of subjects, either.

For me, it’s the camaraderie, getting together again with people I only see at these events. It’s the sharing, laughing, commiserating. it’s worth its weight in gold.

The truth? I love mystery writers and I love being a part of their world. Not just because we have a common interest, but because mystery writers are so danged generous of spirit. They are willing to share tips and lessons that took them months, if not years to learn. Basically, why should you go through what they went through? No beauty pageant mentality here. The attitude is we are all in this crazy business together, so let’s help one another out. And we do.

I just returned from Left Coast Crime (LCC) in Vancouver, Ca. What a beautiful city. What a beautiful event. What beautiful, like-minded people. I may be prejudice, but I happen to think LCC is the premier example of a writers and fans conference that promotes the learning/friendship/mentoring approach to these conferences.

And even though they are expensive and exhausting, I can’t wait for next year’s 2020 LCC event in San Diego.  I mean, do we look like we’re having a good time or what?

Left to right:  Danna Dennis WilbergAna Manwaring, Heather Haven, Cindy SampleJanice Peacock and Baird Nuckolls


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