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I have discovered there might be a perk or two to being a writer. For sure, my crossword puzzle skills have improved dramatically. I will now grope for the rest.

Perk #1 – I can enter a world I create when all around me is chaos. There’s a lot to be said for that. The older I get, the more chaotic I find the world. Sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be mind-boggling. I have been Greenpeaced there several times. The polar bears are better off because of the volunteers and my contributions to their cause. Oh yes, and I did buy some ice cream.

Perk #2 – People actually think because I can write a novel, I am an intelligent person. This is not necessarily the case. I have found that I am on the fairly dumb side, especially when it comes to finding my reading glasses or the car in a parking lot. Of course, saving the bears distracted me. I wandered around the parking lot for 15-minutes pushing a shopping cart full of melting ice cream. I try to look on it as exercise.

Perk #3 – When together with a bunch of strangers at a gathering and we need to make inane, mindless conversation before the hors d’oeuvres arrive, I can throw in the bit about being a writer. This usually stops people in their tracks. but ratchets up the conversation. They think of  J.D. Salinger, Jane Austin, or Steven King. I think of the arrival of shrimp cocktail. Sometimes one or two trapped people actually like murder mysteries. This means I can give them a bookmark and hope they go to Amazon to get one of my books. Add another 1/2 perk for this.

Perk #4 – I get to do what I love. Hmm. Let’s make that Perk #1.

Happy New Year to all my fellow authors and readers. We may be crazy, but we are doing what we love to do. There’s a lot to be said for that.

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  1. I am sure my car moves while I am in the store. Perhaps it finds a pretty car to flirt with.

    Yum, ice cream would go good with my writing day. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. My dear Ana, you are one of the good gals of life. I know about what you do and you are wonderful. I like the Save a Writer' idea in our local parking lots. Thanks for ringing in!

  3. Perk #2. That's me. I didn't save polar bears, but I helped women find their way from the Oakland shelter into jobs and self sufficiency. Several times. When they are squared away, I hope they donate to the "Save a Writer" cause in their market parking lots. Some of us are still hoping for self sufficiency.
    Happy New Year to you too Heather.

  4. I write my row # on top of my shopping list so I can always find my vehicle in the parking lot afterward. A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.

  5. Bourne, I relearned that lesson just yesterday! I put some olive oil on a slow flame but the minutes ticked by and it burned. House was filled with smoke, too. I need to be careful not to cook anything when I'm writing. Thanks for dropping by!!

  6. I particularly liked your comment about entering your own world, the one you created. I find I can become completely absorbed for several hours without noticing what's going on with anyone else in the house. Even the dog has learned to wait until I stop tapping on the keyboard. I do have to be careful nothing is cooking away on the stovetop.

  7. Your comment about crossword puzzles gave me a pause. Then it came to me that in my case, my ability with crossword puzzles is a definite aid to my writing.

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