So the Blogger Was Down

I’m sure that shocked a lot of people. It occurred to me that in this day and age, you can’t trust much. One of these days, your car isn’t going to start, you’ll be charged by your bank for a withdrawal you didn’t make, and your cat’s going to poop in the bathtub. That just happened to me, by the way. Ellie, my little Black Ash doll baby, wasn’t happy with the condition of the floor in her bathroom. I write her bathroom, because I’ve turned over one of the two bathrooms to the cats, Yulie and Ellie. I mean, where do you put litter pans, anyway? Who thinks of that when you get a cat? No screened-in front or back porch, no laundry room, and these are two indoor kitties. So, you turn over one of the bathrooms to them. Their litter pans are on the floor, their food and water sit across on the other side of the small room. Their bags of dry food and treats are on the back of the tub. Ellie uses the inside of the tub to play with some of her toys.
My two beautiful and well-trained cats have never made a mistake, even when they were small kittens. I should say ‘had’ never. Recently, I was sick and hadn’t vacuumed the floor of the bathroom in several days. There was a build up of litter than had made its way onto the tiled floor, so much so I’d made a mental note to drag out the vacuum cleaner when I was feeling a little better. As I was thinking this thought, Ellie looked me dead in the eye, hopped into the bathtub and squatted. I was so stunned, I watched her in mute horror. Then when she was finished, she looked me dead in the eye again and if she could have crossed her ‘arms,’ to say, ‘so there,’ I think she would have done so. I cleaned up the mess, and with a runny nose, vacuumed the bathroom floor and have NEVER let it go that long again. P.S. and by the way, she has never made a mistake since that time. Now what has that got to do with the blogging site being down? Not sure, but I know it does. Let me think about it while I get out the vacuum cleaner.