Viva Mexico!

Some of the books I write are humorous mysteries involving a Mexican/America Family called the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, which I am proud to say have won several awards. Our visits to Mexico in the early nineties, often had us staying with Mexican families during the language immersion courses we were taking. I’m here to tell you, the Mexicans won my heart. These are warm, generous souls, who were grateful if you even tried to learn their language, a  language of great beauty, I might add. My husband and I found them to also be a hard-working society, filled with love and humor. How they deal with their own families and the world at large is only a part of what inspired me to write my series in celebration of the Mexican contribution to the good old USA. I am so very proud, in my small way, to have added to what they give us as a culture, and I’m not just talking about their food.

So to Guillermo del Toro, born in the historic city of Guadalajara, congratulations on your Oscars. You represent the world of cinema and Mexico in such a classy fashion. And you come across as one nice hombre.

To Coco, which won Best Animated film,  I don’t usually go to animated films, but can’t wait to see you. And  to the Best Song, Remember Me, Kristen and Robert Lopez, Ole! I’m humming it now!

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