The Wives of Bath Press

The Wives of Bath Press. That’s us. Trying to starting your own book publishing business? Step close. So far, the technical stuff is killing us. The ‘us’ is my writing buddy and biz partner, Baird Nuckolls, and me. Or is it I? Once we claw our way out of the basement of the Learning Curve, we’ll be just fine! Meanwhile, two of our books are out.

Death Runs in the Family – Book Three of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, This award-winning humorous series revolves around a Silicon Valley family that own a detective agency. Finalist in the EPIC Best eBook Mystery 2013. Results of that soon!

The Dragons of Graham

Who knew dragons were so demanding? All the dragons at Graham want
something. The band dragon is hoarding silver. The dragon in the girls’ locker
room wants more water, and the library dragon wants his own library card. One
even wants her sister, Rosie, as a snack. Blech! Katie has to learn how to
navigate the halls of her new middle school, deal with the populars, and try not
to lose her best friend, Maia, all while figuring out how to satisfy the members
of a mythical race she didn’t even know existed.

More to come! Check out what we have and come back for more.