Spotlight on Killarney Sheffield, Author of The Emperor’s Concubine

Killarney Sheffield is a cyber buddy of mine from way back. She is a gifted writer of several genres. Her latest book is a post-apocalyptic romance novel, The Emperor’s Concubine. What I like about Killarney – beside her writing skills – is that she is a committed and responsible human being. She is a devoted wife, mother, and horsewoman. She cares deeply about them. This love and devotion to others carries into her work and for sure, makes her a better writer.

For instance, the reason she hasn’t given me an interview yet for the release of her new book is because one of her horses suffered an accident. She is nursing the mare back to health. Yes, her writing is important to her. But Killarney always puts the needs of others, even her animals, first.

It shows in her writing, this love for all beings that inhabit the earth. Her care about Real Life leaps from the pages of her work in every line. It helps make her the talent that she is. I have read a lot of Killarney’s work through the years, even genres I don’t ordinarily read. But it is a good writer who transcends a genre, who makes stories human and interesting.  There’s always something the reader can embrace, real and true. I am proud to call Killarney Sheffield friend.

Here is a blurb from her upcoming book, The Emperor’s Concubine, which can be pre-The Emperor's Concubineordered for its February 14th release.

“Have you ever felt dead even though you’re very much alive? Sometimes I wonder if the apocalypse really happened, or if the world has always been as it is. Maybe my memories are just dreams and not reality… not this reality anyway.”

Ocean Delany wants the world to change, she’s tired of the same old grey concrete existence, but on her eighteenth birthday a change happens she will regret forever. This is the time when all girls who have reached majority are called to perform the ultimate service to the Emperor, and the future of mankind. Ocean is in danger of losing the boy she loves, her family and her life unless she can find a way to fight back. Freedom has a price however. If she is willing to pay with everything she has, her dreams may yet have a chance to live. It is a story for forever.

It is my hope that when the mare’s health returns, Killarney Sheffield will grant me that interview. Meanwhile, a spotlight on her and her work. She is a talented author and a good lady.


Thanks, Heather


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