Sheltering in Place – Day Whatever


I think I’ve been given the right name. Heather. I’m a delicate flower and a blooming idiot, often at the same time. It’s the perfect name for me. But I wonder about a lot of people who have weirder names.


In school, I used to know a kid named Graham. Not such a bad first name. But his last name was Cracker. He was a shy kid. I wonder where he is now?


Ima Hogg was known as “The First Lady of Texas.” Although it was rumored that Hogg had a sister named “Ura Hogg“, she had only brothers.



Moon Unit Zappa is an American actress and author. Moon Unit means a stupid person; an idiot. It’s no wonder she goes by Moon now. She has a brother named Dweezil.



I understand someone recently named their kid Mental Floss. Really? And they got to leave the hospital with this child? I could go on and on but leave you with this written by the Bard.


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Quote from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare)

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  1. I love the cartoon avatar!

    My name was supposed to be Jacqueline Genevieve but my dad said he wouldn’t have a child “with two names he couldn’t say or spell.” So I got a hippie name, Karma, which is a combination of my mother’s name, KARel, and my father’s name, MAx. And of course, a very hippie concept that well-suited my dad who was into Sufism (not Buddhism as one would assume!).

    I love hearing the stories behind names!

    A reliable friend swears he knew a girl growing up whose name was pronounce Shateed, but was spelled, Shithead. She changed her name by the time she graduated!
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