Sheltering in Place – Day 77

I am mad at Mailchimp. And don’t try to talk me out of it. Mailchimp! Aaaaaargh! Why oh why must they keep changing things? It’s not that they’re making it easier or better for the user. No, it’s just they seem to like moving stuff from here to there. Why do the people that work at any of these online places think that because they spend 8 + hours a day doing their jobs, I want to do the same thing? No matter what the app or program is – from Instacart to Mailchimp – they want to make you work for their service. Making something intuitive or easy just isn’t fun for them. This way you can devote your total existence to them. Might be an ego thing, folks.

I will elucidate. I had not been into Mailchimp for 3 months. I use it to send my newsletters. Monthly is the plan, but it sure didn’t go that way with what’s been going on in the world today. Make no mistake, I STILL pay for their service monthly, whether I use it or not. Yes, I pay for the privilege of getting my blood pressure up over 300. When I went in today, Mailchimp has a totally different interface. I had no idea what was where and couldn’t find anything. Four hours later, I contacted the chat room. That took another 45-minutes. I had given up beforehand trying to figure out how to move an image from left to right. I went into the section devoted to images. Of course, it wasn’t there. I could resize it, fuzzy it, color it, etc., but could I simply move the image from left to right? No! When I finally gave up and contacted them, the chat person told me that particular tool – and no other tool related to images – was under settings. Really? And why would that be? Why put one part of an image tool in some other place? I am raising my hand, because I think I know the answer. Because some young computer geek decided that was a fun thing to do. Or wanted to justify his salary. Or thought it was fun. Oh wait, I already said that.

Anyway, nearly 5 hours later I got my stupid newsletter out. Was it worth it? Don’t ask me that today. I hate Mailchimp. But it’s going to have to stand in line with nearly every other @#$%&*! interface tool out there that’s supposed to make our lives easier and better. Arrrrgh!

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