Sheltering in Place – Day 74

Happiness. So Let’s talk kitty litter. I’ve been nervous about going to the pet store. Sheltering in place, doncha know. So lately, I have been buying my litter online. Much more expensive, especially the green tea litter I like. Let me be clear about this. Ellie doesn’t seem to care. Just keep it coming and keep it clean. But I like the scentless, lightweight, and easy to get rid of litter. It makes me happy. So a couple of times I paid the exorbitant price to get what I wanted.

However, when hubby and I were at Target early one morning I lost my mind and decided to try another litter, The brand will remain nameless. Terrible stuff. It doesn’t get rid of the smell. It weighed so much, we practically needed a Uhaul to get it home. Sand and clay weigh even more when you add – ahem – tinkle.  Also when wet, it adheres to the bottom of the litter pan like glue. It is rendered an immovable object.

I know this because a couple of days ago I strained a muscle in my arm trying to remove it. So bad, in fact, I couldn’t lift anything heavier than the olive for my martini.

My only excuse is, it was early morning, I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and I was used to the other litter. But then I had a wounded wing on top of a smelly, disgusting litter pan. Hubby to the rescue. Mask in place and gloves on hands, he went to the pet store, bought my wonderful litter, removed the ghastly sand and clay, and brought it to the trash. Even wounded, I was able to put in the green tea litter in the pan.

I am happy, hubby is happy, Ellie is happy. Of course, those two were already happy. But it has to be a three-way tie around here. Because that’s what happens when you shelter in place, folks. It’s all about finding your happiness.


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