Sheltering in Place – Day 73

Today a dear friend had a coloscopy. She was looking forward to it because she would be able to socialize with someone other than her husband. The doctors and nurses wore masks, as did she. Before she went under she listened to them chatting over rock music playing in the background.

Hubby went to a rehearsal today. He was looking forward to it because he would be able to socialize with someone other than me. The four men and their instruments stayed outside on the patio, where breezes were blowing. They wore masks when they weren’t singing and always stayed 8 to 15 feet apart. With musicians, rock music is never in the background.

I chit-chatted with my neighbor’s daughter today outside on the porch. We both wore masks and practiced safe distancing. I fought to remember the art of conversation. Mainly, one person speaks and then the other. It is always good manners to let the other person finish speaking before you leap in with something to say. It is not necessary to pay attention to what the other person said but it is a good idea to let them finish saying it before you take your turn. I kept forgetting that part. Without practice, I have become a poor conversationalist. A few more weeks of shelter-in-place and it may be necessary to send me back to Kindergarten to relearn playground rules.  I look forward to it.


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  1. You really are Hilarious Heather! I love reading all your Sheltering in Place stories…they bring a smile and a little laugh. So helpful in todays daily humdrum. Love you..

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