Sheltering in Place – Day 6

We went out early between 8 and 9 this morning to the supermarket. Senior shopping time. They had almost all supplies, including rubber gloves and TP (I don’t need any, see Blog – Day 1), with the exception of hand sanitizer. They no longer let you bring your own bags but they bag up your groceries at no cost to you. Everybody’s doing their part. Last night we ordered takeout from a nearby restaurant. Our way of trying to support the local economy. We’ll try to do that two or three times a week. I still have the hive on my face that shows up every time I’m under stress. It’s been hanging on my cheek for over a week now. Gee, I’m stressed? I wonder why?

We’ve both been doing projects around the house that were waiting until we had more time. Man, do we have more time. And here’s what I have  discovered:

1- I have many blouses that no longer fit, look good, or I like. I don’t even remember how I got them or where they came from. Are they breeding in there?



2 – I have many, many bottles of expired substances, from aspirin to rubbing alcohol. But thankfully, no expired wine. Hmmmm.


3 – I have random bandaids living in random places other than the bandaid box. No wonder I always think I’m out.

4 – My acrylic nails have become a big problem. They are growing like daggers and I can’t go to the nail salon to have them done. What’s a spoiled brat senior citizen like me supposed to do?





5 – Here’s something BIG. I never realized how isolated and small your life feels when you are ordered to stay inside and can only go out for essential things.


Here are the solutions I’ve come up with:

1 – Any blouse I’m not crazy about and doesn’t look good, out it goes. Didn’t take long to come up with that and there’s more room in the closet for me to find the ones that work. Who would have thought?

2 – Out with any expired substance. And check more often, dummy, on what you have before you buy more. Deal with them the way you do your wine. Only don’t drink them.

3 – No need to buy bandaids for a year. And I have enough for nearly every size wound from a Chihuahua’s to a moose’s.

4 – Bought an electric nail file for acrylics. I actually like my nails shorter for writing, anyway. I only use acrylics because I am hard on my nails with gardening and stuff like that. Having my own way of filing them back will be a good way to control them in between appointments. And my next appointment, my friends, could be as far off as the end of summer. Meanwhile, I will do my own nails. Natural.

5 – Remember this feeling of isolation for the future. This is vital. You may not think of yourself as elderly, Heather, but ha-ha. Ask more neighbors if you can help while you are still able to drive and have mobility. These days won’t last forever.

And keep fit. Here is a wonderful Bruno Mars video to keep you jumping. Thank you, Janet Dawson!


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