Sheltering in Place – Day 58

Home confinement. Time to smell the flowers. Time to clean out the medicine cabinet. Time to assess my life. Well, never mind that. That’ sounds way too grand. Time to assess my pajamas.  Hmmm. Maybe I need to face a few things.

Just how long are you going to keep those puppies, anyway, no matter how attached to them you are? The nineties are gone. Face it. Also, Isn’t a good indication of too much-expected longevity when the label becomes so frayed it can no longer be read? Besides, before they faded to an off-yellow, weren’t they red and green checked? Do you really want to continue pinning them at the waist now that the elastic band is gone? In short, should you get hit by a bus wearing those pajamas, just how embarrassed would your cat be? Ellie does have her standards.

So biting the bullet, I have decided it’s time for them to go. Maybe a few other things, as well. No, not hubby. I am really used to him. Besides, if I ever need a new one, I can send away for one. I do have Amazon Prime. A new hubby delivered in less than thirty-six hours and no shipping cost. But I like the one I have. For the moment.

But back to my jammies. Maybe it would be a good idea to send away for a new pair. That pin keeps jabbing into me in the middle of the night.


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