Sheltering in Place – Day 50

Today we had an adventure! And how my adventures have changed recently. A little more than two months ago, I was doing things like cruising through the Panama Canal and watching the engineering feat of locks up close and personal. Then we visited the rain forests of Costa Rica. I even saw a sloth! Or the guides told me I did. What I really saw was a dark blob way up in a palm tree. But if they said it was a sloth, it was a sloth. After all, they live there. They should know. It’s up there somewhere. That darkish blob to the left. Or right. I forget.

But the world has changed. Two months later found me back in San Jose knee-deep in a pandemic, housebound like the rest of the world. But today was different. We got up at the crack of dawn and masked, gloved, and panting at the leash, drove to our local Target for Senior Hour Shopping. We actually arrived early and I stood in line – practicing safe distancing, of course -and waited for the store to open. Meanwhile, hubby drove to a nearby gas station and filled up the car with gas. Then hubby joined me in line and the doors opened at 8 am. Only 10 of us were let into the store at a time. We were in the first group, too.  Excitement abounded! The whole store practically to ourselves! But would they have anything?

Yes, yes! What treasures we found! Beyond my wildest dreams. A large bottle of hand sanitizer (only one to a customer). A 3-container set of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes. Kitty litter that cost only 12 bucks a bag. Dawn Power Wash.  Steak, pork loin, and even dried beans got thrown into the shopping cart. I was giddy with my success.

Was it as much fun as seeing that supposed sloth in the palm tree? Being pragmatic, I have to admit Life changes. Needs change. But all in all,  I would say not even close.


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  1. First, I didn’t know sloth was a thing. I thought it was just I am on most days.

    Second, I am excited for your finds at a brick and mortar store.

    And finally, thanks for sharing and caring.

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