Sheltering in Place – Day 46

Today we just had to do something with all the bananas the shopper bought for us. When we ordered groceries online, I asked for two bananas. The shopper misread and thought it was two pounds of bananas. We got ten. Which is too bad. Because we simply do not eat that many bananas. There’s just the two fo us. And with bananas, you can sit around and watch them go from green to overripe in a matter of hours. I’m not saying my life is so lack-luster I watch them do that…much…but it has been known to happen.

We decided to make frozen banana daiquiris. Hubby had the task of putting together the daiquiris while I made dinner. He went online for a recipe. I was dubious about the one he chose. I didn’t know Triple Sec went into a daiquiri. I want to go on record as saying that when you’re from southern Florida, which is more or less the tropics, you make things like banana daiquiris most of your adult life. Or plain, strawberry, mango, any fruit available. They are relatively simple and yummy no matter what fruit you use. A daiquiri is a wonderful thing.

The online recipe hubby used had about 8 ingredients in it plus a full banana for each drink. No, no, no! It’s supposed to be half a banana and a jugful of rum, with a little bit of sugar and a lot of ice. You don’t even need exact proportions. Just keep adding rum, Toots, until it tastes good. Rum is the main ingredient in a daiquiri, anyone will tell you. But not the recipe hubby found online. The main ingredient was a banana! How weird is that?  But being the trouper I am, I tried to drink his daiquiri, figuring that if nothing else, I would be getting one of my five fruits of the day. Well, it was terrible! All you could taste was banana. I had to have a nice martini to settle my palate.

Tomorrow I’ll make banana bread. Safer.


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