Sheltering in Place – Day 4

Not such a great day. We had a bad night. Norman either ate too much last night (too many cookies and bread and cheese) or he possibly has an angina condition. Eleven years ago he had a couple of stints put in and ever since that time, his heart has been right as rain. But he’s older now and put on weight. In any event, we don’t know what it is, angina or heartburn. We are waiting to hear from his doctor (who I’m sure is overworked and overwhelmed) to see if he can get into his cardiologist. Initially, a check-up had been put off until CV19 is on the decline, and a pill has been given to him hoping to stave this off. But the best-laid plans. Life goes on despite the coronavirus. However, no more cookies or cheese and French bread for a while.

A friend sent me the most darling video of the world’s smallest cat. 10,000 live in India and Sri Lanka.

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  1. Sending thoughts of heartburn to Norman. Isn’t this just weird? I can’t quite call it anxiousness, but it feels wrong and all the rhythm seems out of sync. We are all in this together sounds trite but is true. Love and misses

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