Sheltering in Place – Day 27

I’ve been running out of things to think about, talk about, write about. True, I have been reading a lot and watching tons of television. Old Television. Remember Hart to Hart? Predates the Hallmark Channel. The only reason the series stands the test of time is that Stefanie Powers had great clothes and Robert Wagner was a hunk. And of course, they oozed charm. Never let charm be underestimated. There’s a reason why Cinderella’s love interest was called Prince Charming.

Anyway, in the moments when no one is looking and I can’t find History Detectives or something meaningful like that, I seem to gravitate to Hart to Hart. Shhhhh! Just occasionally. Like every night at 8 pm.

I never quite got Green Acres, so maybe I have standards. Although, now and then, I let my remote rest on it for just a moment. I have to tell you, Eddie Albert and Ava Gabor had a pigsty full of charm, themselves. It’s just so improbable a plot. I mean, Green Acres is where two city slickers try to live on a rural farm. As opposed to Hart to Hart, where two jet setters trip over a dead body or two every week in Aspen or Hawaii and never a hair out of place.  I mean come on. Let’s have a little reality.

What has been fun is watching old reruns of Twilight Zone. Its creator, Rod Serling, was a genius, a driven man, and ahead of his time. Here is an interview with him done by Mike Wallace. It runs 21 minutes long, but hey, we’re all sheltering now, aren’t we?

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