Sheltering in Place – Day 25

Yesterday was one of those above and beyond stressful days. It’s not just the Covid19 thing I have to worry about. It’s trying to keep a man who is recovering nicely from his angioplasty and is now full of energy and boredom. He doesn’t know where to put any of it except in his stomach. The fridge. His new BFF. If he isn’t eating, he’s thinking about eating, talking about eating, and planning his eating. It all seems to run in two-hour increments. Then there’s the mourning of what we’ve run out of that he has demolished and would like to eat.

While the risks are low for catching anything from going to the grocery store, especially at 6 am, I keep hoping I can stock up on enough food to go for ten days to two weeks. Good luck to me. We keep running out. Or at least, running out of his favorite foods.

Yesterday I did an Instacart. It did not go well. By the time it was my turn for the shopper to shop, over half the items I wanted were gone. This included Acme’s French bread, cheddar cheese, and Bubbies pickles. Hubby does not live well without things like that. He takes it hard. Do not try to tell him that life without a Bubbies Bread and Butter or Dill pickle is going to go well. He will not buy the premise.

Fortunately, the shopper snagged the very last jar of Bubbies Bread and Butter Pickles but they were out of the Dill. COMPLETELY. And they had no Acme’s French baguettes. Sold out. In fact, that had no bread at all except for a loaf of sliced Honey Wheat, which I asked the shopper to grab. However, hubby looked me dead in the eye and said, “Well, we’ll just have to go out to the store tomorrow to get some.” He missed entirely the idea of why we were doing the Instacart thing to begin with.

The next am enter our knight in shining armor, my chiropractor, neighbor, and friend.  He heard my wails go up and went back to the store that had stocked up during the night. And he went back at the crack of dawn. He grabbed any French baguette he could find (which was not Acme but get over yourself, hubby), a lovely chunk of cheddar cheese and BUBBIES DILL PICKLES!!

My quest is over. Until he eats it all.


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  1. We have Bubbie’s horseradish and just had the sauerkraut. It’s funny what you focus on these days. Russ is feeding us well – so ecstatic to be married to a man who likes to cook! Stay well and we’ll-stocked!

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