Sheltering in Place – Day 20

In these times of stress, I am trying to keep my life smaller and simpler. And remember to be grateful. We will get through this, I know. We just have to wash our hands and ride it out. But here are five things that help me do that almost daily.

Things that make me feel better

1 – Canoodling with my cat, Ellie. She may be a bit tubby, but she has the softest, most luxurious fur I’ve ever felt. There’s nothing more soothing that stroking her and listening to her purr. Better than a Valium. Really, it is.

2 – Stepping outside and inhaling the fragrance of the orange and lemon blossoms that happen to grace my small, back patio. I watch the bees buzzing around flowers, the sun peeking through the leaves and branches, and I think the world isn’t so bad, after all. Really, I do.

3 – Watching the hummingbirds hover around the birdfeeder. They let me know when the feeder is running dry, too, by fluttering in my face. Maybe they haven’t carried a sign saying “birdfeeder empty, Mom,” but I know they know I’m their mommy. Really, I am.

4 – Watching old, old reruns of Are You Being Served, an ancient British sitcom from the seventies that still makes my laugh. I grew up with those people at Grace Brothers Store. I think of them as part of my family. Really, I do.



5 – Playing gin rummy with hubby. I taught him how to play and he wins far more often than I thought he would. But then, I win sometimes, too. We have a lot of fun and enjoy ourselves enormously. I believe that’s because we’re evenly matched. Really, we are.

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