Sheltering In Place – Day 2

It was a lovely day today. Birds were singing, flowers blooming, and the San Jose hills were green and gorgeous. We took a walk. Hubby is on a new med and it’s making him tired. I’ve been feeling pretty energetic, so today for the first time in nearly forty years, we were evenly matched in our strides. Watched Rico the Porcupine’s antics on a video from the Cincinnati Zoo. Not only educational but the cutest little guy. Loves dried apricots and banana chips. Me, too.

Made Irish Soda Bread this morning. Quite simple to do but delish. Hubby revisited Contract Bridge, although confused by the term “One No Trump.” Too much listening to political news?


Understand some of the grocery stores are opening early for seniors only. That’s a great idea. A lot of seniors are feeling overwhelmed and frightened by all of this. We’ve had no problem getting food from the 4 Seasons Grocery Store nearby, but it’s pretty much off the beaten path. Also, I tend to stock up for earthquake preparedness, so we’re doing all right.

On another note, A Wedding to Die For is free on Amazon right now and Death Runs in the Family is only 99 cents. Murder is a Family Business is still $3.99 because, hey, a gal’s gotta eat.

If you’re looking for something to read during our hunker-down-period, now might be the time to stock up. Check them out.

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