Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour

My PUYB blog tour is over as of today. It was nearly a month of whirlwind landings here and there, reading interviews or Q&As I’d forgotten I’d given, reading reviews that were mostly sensational, and being exposed to readers I might never have been exposed to any other way. The tour was upfront a lot of work. All the interviews, articles, columns, promotions, etc., had to be done beforehand. That part was intense. Basically, how many ways can you say, “Please buy and read my book, pretty please, pretty please?” But I did my best, actually had a great time, and hopefully, a few books got purchased along the way, or at least, read about.
My personal PUYB tour guide was Cheryl Malandrinos, a lovely gal with talent, perseverance, a lot of innate sweetness and tolerance, and very savvy. I adore her. Cheryl’s willing to go where no man (or woman) has gone before within the blogging world. She set up my tour (and others at the same time) and traipsed along with me into the virtual world of web touring. She was there every step of the way, every single day, and I am grateful to her. it didn’t always go smoothly, but what does? During the merry month of May, the blogger was down, it was up, it was down, it was down. Then the mighty floods happened, taking out some of our fellow bloggers in the Midwest, who couldn’t deliver the goods on the specific dates committed. No matter. Everyone – without exception — came through eventually. I had an opportunity to experience a nationwide coming together of we the people of book minds.
It was wonderful. I would do it again in an instant and probably will when I get another fistful of dollars. Meanwhile, thanks to all the PUYB Team. I am very, very happy.

2 responses to “Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour”

  1. Sounds like a whirlwind of a month, Heather! I'm glad you had fun. I'm really nervous about the publicizing part of writing (and I don't know an author who isn't – after all, we're artists and not PR experts!), and it was nice to read your experience with it. I love how positive and open you are. 🙂


  2. Heather, glad to see you are back. I'm thinking of doing one with World of Ink. Let me know how much this one was. You can send it to me personally.:) Send me a message on FB. I want to compare the two in price before I commit.