Life Whizzes By When You Write, Write, Write!!

Lucky me and hello out there! I haven’t written my blog for a month but I have been writing. I am committed to doing a new series, Persephone Cole, a sassy World War II sleuth to see you through each of the holidays. There’s a mystery to solve, of course, and a few laughs along the way. Below is a little bit about the first two novels starring the 5’11”, large, and no nonsense protagonist, Persephone Cole. I just love Percy. When I grow up, I want to be just like her, including wearing a fedora!
Persephone Cole and the Halloween Curse comes out in September:

Blurb – In 1942, no one heard of a female PI, not even in New York City. But meet Persephone Cole, newly inaugurated private investigator, with a penchant for Marlene Dietrich suits and fedora hats. Halloween finds her backstage during the previews of the latest Broadway production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where there’s double, double, toil and trouble and enough dead bodies to stuff in a caldron. With suspects aplenty, this working mother is not sure which is worse, someone trying to kill her or a masked bandit snitching her son’s jack-o-lantern.

Persephone Cole and the Christmas Killings Conundrum debuts in November:

Blurb – No one heard of a female private investigator in 1942. No one, but Persephone Cole, that is. Percy might just be Manhattan’s first female PI. A week before Christmas, she’s hired to find out who killed a Santa Land elf and left him in the storefront window of a chic 5th Avenue jewelry store. Shortly after, the body of the Christmas Angel is discovered stuffed in Mrs. Santa’s workshop. Will Santa Claus be next? This working mother is not sure which is worse, someone out to ruin Christmas or having to eat Spam every day, a result of the World War II’s meat rationing.

The Persephone Cole series will be published by BooksWeLove starting in September. Zip on over and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy! They’ve got some great books and great deals over there!
Now I really, really, need to get back to Persephone!

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