Kirstie and Oprah, my kinda gals

For those of you who are fans of Dancing with the Stars and The Oprah Winfrey Show, you know better than anyone that we will no longer be tuning in to see either Kirstie and Oprah strut their stuff. Kirstie didn’t win the glitter ball trophy, and even if she had, it’s done and over. Oprah decided that 25-years was long enough for a talk show.
These two women have some things in common other than being in show biz. They are often two larger than life ladies – literally – and we love them for it. They balloon, they shrink, they balloon, they shrink, all in front of our eyes. And we love them for it. They talk about the problems of losing weight and we see them battle it, just like the rest of us do. It doesn’t hurt they both are funny, down to earth, and seem to let it all ‘hang out,’ figuratively, moaning and groaning about life’s travails, just like the rest of us.
it has been a blast watching the two of them throughout the years. For one thing, I had no idea Kirstie was 60. That’s six-oh. I mean, the woman’s gorgeous and doesn’t look a day over 45. I’m impressed. As for Oprah, I have always been a fan, even though I’ve watched her shows only occasionally. I did see the finale and she is one gutsy lady. She says we should all take responsibility for our own lives and not blame anyone else for what happens to us.
She didn’t mention the scale, but you could transfer the responsibility of life to that. I’m with her. I’m the one that ate the candy, cookies, pasta, bread, and drank all that wine. I’d love to blame someone else for being a pudge, but there you are. It’s me. Thank you Oprah.
And thank you, Kirstie, for doing a cartwheel in front of millions of people, live and on-air. You got chutzpah, gal. But then, you were merely taking responsibility for your life.
Good luck to both of you.

3 responses to “Kirstie and Oprah, my kinda gals”

  1. Well, Christine and KLo, glad you were able to leave a comment. we'll see if I can do it. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to two praiseworthy people that don't get enough of it (so many people just poke fun at Kirstie Alley's weight or make fun of Oprah for various reasons). Nice post 🙂

  3. That was Oprah's number one message in her farewell speech/show: Personal responsibility and the unerring pursuit of your passion. Find your own personal 'platform' and live it like only you can. People are drawn to heart on fire passion no matter what form that takes. If you make the best pizza on the planet, do it. If you clean office buildings with gusto–right on. And if you write the stories of your heart, write on. Whether our work/platform touches one person or a million, it is no less valid. You are a candle in the darkness and you never truly know who's path you might illuminate.

    These two women have not only figured that out, they live it. How can we not be drawn to them? Right on gals!

    Thanks for the blog, Heather. 🙂

    Christine London