Just Finished Reading Pat Dale’s Sleeping With Her Enemy

And thought I would let you know what I thought of it.

Sleeping With Her Enemy, by author Pat Dale, is a novel about a beautiful, bitter widow; a handsome, sad widower; a precocious, adorable nine-year old; and a darling, rambunctious dog. Deftly written, this story satisfies the reader from beginning to end, with large amounts of mountain scenery thrown in. If you are into a lot of romance, a little sex, a lot of plot twists and turns, and no small amount of villainy, then this is the book to take with you into a warm bath or under a cool tree. Pat Dale is an accomplished weaver of tales.

You can find this novel at MuseItUp Publishing: http://tinyurl.com/3smc8dg

Cheers! Heather

5 responses to “Just Finished Reading Pat Dale’s Sleeping With Her Enemy”

  1. Aw me-ann–I'm so far behind I'm following myself. I have a list of books I've read to review yet and another list of Muse books to buy. And now another one! But first I have to get A Wedding to Die For because I was broke when it came out. So it's on my June list. Then I'll get Pat's book, too.

  2. Excuse me, haven't read any of your books? You're not talking to me, right? I've read two of your books, Sisters in Time and The Locket and have Shortcomings on my computer ready to download. If you ever want me to review your stuff, I would be honored. And I have to tell you. I'm prejudice. I already like your work. I think you are a very versatile writer with a keen insight into the human condition. So there.

  3. Heather, I think you've captured the essence of what I've seen from Pat's ability to draw the reader in. He's an amazing story teller and he draws you into the story as if you were actually there. Well done Pat and congrats on the wonderful review.

  4. Pleased? I'm ecstatic! When a writer with Heather's creds says this about my book, I'm popping buttons (figuratively-I'm wearing a warm pull-over on this chilly day) all over the place. Thanks you so much, Heather, for your positive words. I'm happy that you enjoyed my story.
    Pat Dale

  5. Thanks for sharing. How come you haven't read any of my books? *picture me frowning*

    Only kidding. I'm sure the author is very pleased with your assessment.