I Can Deny Ellie Nothing

I don’t say this entirely because I am a pathetic pet-owner who is owned by her cat. A large part is because I am pandemically housebound, haven’t started my blog tour yet for Casting Call, nor started writing my new Percy Cole book. And God forbid I should do some housework. Well, that’s not quite true. I did a load of laundry the other day. It sits in a basket in the living room waiting to be put away.

But back to I can deny Ellie nothing. The other day I ordered her a pet stepladder to get on and off our California King bed. The bed has one of those Princess and the Pea mattresses. You know the kind, cloud-soft foam, several yards thick. The kind of bed where once you lay down not only don’t you want to get up, sometimes you can’t. You have to roll over to the side and drop off. Word to the wise: do this feet first. Headfirst, not so good. Adding to the bed’s height are the six-inch lifts. This is so hubby can store his musical equipment underneath. In short, this is not just a bed. It’s a way of life. And Ellie has taken to this life like the queen she is. It is her majesty’s kingdom.

However, when she dienes to leave for food, drink, treats or… ahem… potty time, she has to return to her kingdom in the sky. Lately, this has involved a certain amount of posturing. Being a smart cat, despite what others might say, she lets me know when she wants a handheld elevator ride back to the stratosphere.

She marches to the side of the bed, lifts herself up on her back legs, stretches front paws to the very top of the mattress, and proceeds to whine. I, of course, drop whatever I am doing, from wherever I am doing it, and rush to her side. With her front paws firmly at the top of the mattress, I reach under her with both hands, grab her by the heinie and give her a boost. It has become a ritual. So I ordered a pet stepladder.

Hubby noticed the arrival of the newest Ellie apparatus in the bedroom and what-the-hey-ed.

“What’s this for? Why can’t she just jump up on the bed?”

“But she can’t jump up on the bed, anymore.”

“What are you talking about? I see her do it all the time.”

Sure enough, it’s true. Becoming detective-like, I discovered if I’m not within earshot or hubby’s doing something in the bedroom (like putting away the clean clothes I left in the living room), she has no problem leaping up on the bed. With great agility, I might add. Up into the air with not a moment’s hesitation. Supergirl-like even.

This gave patsy-mummy a pause. Apparently, she has my number as well as inheriting my familial laziness. However, it really is better if she tries to get up and down from the bed under her own steam, so to speak. Better for her health.

So back the pet stepladder goes. Until she really needs it. But if she needs or wants something else meantime, she only has to whine for it. Because I can deny Ellie nothing.

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  1. This post is so relatable! It’s amazing how our pets have a way of manipulating us into giving them what they want. The story about Ellie and the pet stepladder is so funny and shows just how much we love our fur babies. It’s great that you recognized that it’s better for Ellie’s health if she tries to get up and down from the bed on her own. I’m sure many pet owners can relate to the struggle of wanting to give our pets everything they want while also trying to keep them healthy. Thank you for sharing this adorable story!
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