Five Things You May Not Know About Me

Putting aside your main question might be, why would I? I thought I would share an article about me appearing in The Hot Author Report:

1 – I have to stop writing at 12:00 noon no matter what to watch the soap, All My Children. It calms me, lets me shake everything out, realign myself. I’ve been watching that stupid soap since high school and I love it. I’m not sure Erica Kane can get married and married and married, without my love and support. I understand AMC is going off the air after 40 years the middle of September. When it does, I have no idea how I will get through. Maybe I’ll have to start taking Valium or drinking soothing tea in the middle of the day. Or maybe a martini, because I love green olives. Whoa! Wait a minute. There’s a slippery road to nowhere. Never mind.

2 – Whatever and whenever I write, I like to write draped in my cats. Unless I am really on a roll, where I have to have both hands free to type at 115 wpm, I usually lollygag around the office with one or both of my two cats hanging onto me or stretched out nearby. Yulie, my Flamepoint Siamese, likes to climb up on my shoulder and wrap himself around my neck like a scarf, purring incessantly. Ellie, my black ash mix, likes to hang over the keyboard, gazing at me soulfully with her green eyes. My husband of 28-years can’t understand how this isn’t distracting. But they have a soothing effect on me, like AMC. Hmmmm. I realize this makes me sound a little high strung. Must be the caffeine from all that tea.

3 – Both my parents were members of the Ringling Brothers Circus when I was born. My father was an elephant trainer and my mother was a featured performer. I have pictures of me as a toddler sitting atop a baby elephant’s head. This could explain a lot.

4 – I went to college on a costume scholarship. I still love glad rags, even though I don’t wear nearly the eye-catching numbers I used to. I was quite a clotheshorse in my younger, single days. Now I buy cat litter.

5 – I would like to write eight more books before I hang up my keyboard. That would make it an even dozen. But I could go for a baker’s dozen, too. I like to feel I’m flexible.