Cruising as a Writer’s Retreat

My husband and I do a lot of cruises. In fact, we recently got back from a cruise to Alaska which showed that state to be wondrous in many ways. Just look at Mendenhall glacier. Oh yes, and Victoria BC’s Butchart Gardens, built in an abandoned quarry. It’s incredible! Flowers, plants, trees, and waterfalls that inspire more wonderment.

But first, to write! As we sailed from San Francisco, I knew I had 2 and 1/2 days of watery nothingness ahead of me before we got to the land of glaciers, huskies and moose. So I sat down at my computer, looked out the balcony door at the greyness of life and began to do more writing than I can ever accomplish at home.


No cleaning, no making beds, no cooking, no errands, no distractions by lovable but demanding cats.





Or a demanding husband. He ran around the ship going to every entertainment venue, or practiced his guitar, and left me in peace. I could even order room service, if I liked. And I liked! We don’t go on another cruise until September. I’ll have to squeeze in some writing time until then. Still working on The Culinary Art of Murder, Book 6 of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries.

Here’s to cruising!


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