Cousin to Cousin

Just returned from Montreal and it was a Cuz Love Fest! First of all, I met my own cousin there, fellow Muse Author, Grace DeLuca. It’s so great when you admire and love a relative, a rarity, as everybody knows. But Grace happens to be one of my favorite people, even though she tends to order hamburgers and french fries when we’re out, knowing I am weak and will follow suit.
Gracie and I haven’t seen each other in person for five years, what with her living in Florida and me in California. Sure, we talk on the phone and email each other regularly but give me a real hug over a virtual one every time! We played catchup, revealed secrets to one another we would tell no one else, and talked about us, us, us. It was heaven.
Then I got a chance to visit America’s cousin, Canada, and meet Canadians on their own turf. Friendly, friendly, friendly. And it seems to come from the heart. I can’t wait to go back. I was so busy with the Muse events and visiting with Grace, I never got into the city of Montreal at all! That’s okay, it merely means I need to return. Montreal Jazz Festival in July, here I come!!
Lastly, I got to meet those two Muse dynamos, Lea and Litsa, in the flesh. These amazing women are loaded with smarts, integrity and honor. Plus, they are two energizer bunnies dedicated to the Muse authors like no body’s business. I found them to be in the author’s corner and know us pretty well, sort of like the way a first-rate teacher knows her students. But Lea smacks with a wet noodle instead of a yardstick.
At the Friday night get-together dinner, we had a chance to learn something about our fellow Muse authors. What a group! I don’t only mean those fortunate enough to be there but those absent, too. We spoke of the MIA continually and missed you like crazy.
I understand there are YouTube pics out there somewhere and all I have to say is, it wasn’t me. Uh-uh. I never wear magenta. I will not be seen in a man’s tie. And I never met Karen Cote in person, no matter what the tapes reveal. The defense rests.

10 responses to “Cousin to Cousin”

  1. Heather I thought the neon magenta was very becoming! I'm glad you blogged about what I think of as a dream come true! Meeting you, and all the other authors was such a blast and made my year:) And I hope next year even more authors can make the journey…because it was so worth it!!!

    Hugs, Sara

  2. Okay, so I can't live that evening down. Okaaaaaay. It was so fun, I don't even care…really. But didn't we have a good time? And wouldn't it have been fabulous if everyone from Muse was there? We have to try to have a Meet and Greet where almost everyone can attend. maybe a traveling conference…This is the way to go!!

  3. Ha ha. I can't wait to see the video of a woman in a hot pink wig, purple tie and black hat.
    And it was very cool so many authors who couldnt make it were there in spirit, spread out on that table filled with books.

  4. Heather! My dear, dear model, I LOVED dressing you! I don't need pictures…Kevin's already put them up!

    Oh my. What a delightful being you are. We definiately need to meet up again. You are sooo funny! Of course, it says it all in your writing but darn, in person, you are freakin beautiful!

    Love ya my friend and thanks for helping to make this a wonderful time.

  5. Heather, I agree with what you said one hundred per cent! I missed the people who weren't there too! Meeting you was so great and I didn't know Grace was your cousin. I thought you were really good friends! How much fun was that!! I will treasure this weekend and the joy we all felt being together. The MIA's were very much missed.

    As for the rumor about meeting Karen Cote, well she might have been there, but instead of her blue elephant she brought her husband! Karen is like her avatar brought to life! Definitely in person hugs are much better and to think people think I'm funny.:)

  6. Penny! You were sooo there in spirit. It would have been fun, I know, but your absense did make the hearts grow fonder. Another time, another place. We can make this work!! Meanwhile, know that all you WEREN'T there were talked about and loved.