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Magic of the

What’s a gal to do? Cassie Sizemore is a thirty-four year old
divorcee with a pair of teen/’tween kids and a burning need for male
companionship. Her philandering husband dumped her for a teenager, leaving her
with a nice house and not much else. In her job as a waitress, she’s confronted
daily by Howard Williams, local Romeo bachelor attorney, who’s trying to
convince her he can’t live without her.

Cassie’s backyard
neighbor, Matt Riley, makes a hit with her kids and becomes her confidant.
Mythical magical wind chimes play an important role as widower Matt falls for
Cassie. After she learns that Howie’s true interest is in a secret bet that he
can get Cassie to sleep with him, her hormones are stifled big-time. What will
it take for Riley to reignite her passion?

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