Killarney Sheffield, The Author, And Barbie, The Horse

This is the third installment of the story of a woman, Killarney Sheffield, who gives her all to her writing such as her latest book, The Emperor’s Concubine. KillarneyandhorseShe also gives her all to her family and her horses. One horse in particular, Barbie, learned that gentleness does exist through the care and guidance of Killarney’s love. The author shows there’s often much more to a writer than words.

Rescuing Barbie

The Barbie in my story is not a doll, but a palomino… Read more

Killarney Sheffield, In Her Own Words

Today I’m continuing with the talented and fascinating Killarney Sheffield. Killarney's horseThe picture to the right is one of her happy and healthy horses. To the left, her latest novel, The Emperor’s Concubine, a post-apocalyptic romance.  Below is her life story, told in her own words.

The Emperor's ConcubineJust Who Is Killarney Sheffield Anyway?

This month my publisher has asked us authors to introduce ourselves. So the question being asked and answered here is, just who is Killarney Sheffield… Read more

Spotlight on Killarney Sheffield, Author of The Emperor’s Concubine

Killarney Sheffield is a cyber buddy of mine from way back. She is a gifted writer of several genres. Her latest book is a post-apocalyptic romance novel, The Emperor’s Concubine. What I like about Killarney – beside her writing skills – is that she is a committed and responsible human being. She is a devoted wife, mother, and horsewoman. She cares deeply about them. This love and devotion to others carries into her work and for sure, makes her a better writer.… Read more