The Perfect Margarita

Recently, I decided not to focus on anything about writing, being an author, or having a book published. What with Death Runs in the Family, 3rd book in the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series and Corliss, my suspense short story out within weeks of each other, and banging away on the keyboard trying to finish the Persephone Cole Series, which debuts in September, I needed a break.
So we zipped off to Las Vegas for a few days for a little R&R. We decided to drive, the pissed-off… Read more

Welcom Penny Estelle, Author of Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare

Just the title of this book, Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, and the wonderful cover, sends me into laughter every time I see it.

Penny Estelle is a lovely lady, especially in her cowboy hat, and from what I’ve read so far of the story, it sounds like something I would enjoy, even though I am decades too old. That’s what comes of being a kid at heart. Before you get a glimpse of it, yourself, here is an interview we did. A chance to get to know Penny a little better,… Read more