Death Runs in the Family – Reviews Are Coming In!

My latest novel in the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery series, Death runs in the Family. Death Runs is my favorite so far, but this is probably because the latest is usually an author’s favorite! Lee, Lila, Richard and Tío – the whole Alvarez Family – are up to their eyeballs again in dead bodies here in the gorgeous Bay Area and beyond! Peril is everywhere. Even Tugger is catnapped! Take a gander at my book trailer if you don’t believe me: more

Please Join Me In Welcoming J.D. Brown, Author of Dark Heirloom

At twenty-seven years old J.D. Brown is a youngster by my lights, but she already knows her stuff. She’s written a dynamic novel, Dark Heirloom, a story about a vampire who isn’t quite what she is supposed to be. It’s a compelling urban fantasy. We’ll go into Dark Heirloom later, but first let’s get to know J.D. a little better, as she answers some of my questions:

1. What is your favorite book?

This changes often depending on what book I’m currently… Read more